Can donald trump become us president

Can Donald Trump Become US President

Can Donald Trump become US president: It is clear that Donald Trump is now going to fight as a president candidate for the Republican party. But can Donald trump become US President ?

There is a huge debate going between the nationals and around the world. Many wall street tycoons want him to become the president and many dont. But keeping the business tycoons aside what does the common americans want is the question.

I talked to an animal catcher Harold Jeffery Dixon few days back who runs Allied Wildlife Management company.  He says that a hard-working American like him can do anything to see Trump as a president. He said Trump represents a true hard-working American and that is what is good for the future of America. As per him ,”Trump understands what the country needs, and what hard-working americans who built America wants”.

Whereas some want Hilary Clinton to be the next president. The lower middle class is favoring her since the announcement of her as a presidential candidate.

Keeping our topic on Donald Trump. Well he has made some statements that doesn’t suit his personality or out of overconfidence which will backfire him at the time of elections. The opposite candidate has already made ad campaigns using his statements. He had made a statement in which he said he can shoot anybody in x street and he will not lose any voters. Well he might had said that to show his confidence on his supporters what the choice of words was wrong.

The business class and self-employed crowd is definitely looking forward to see Donald Trump as a president. Whereas the working class is seems to be in confusion. Trump already lost votes of Muslims and many other non american tribes by his comments on banning them from the country.

Well no matter how much we debate on this topic the result will be out soon after the elections. If he losses only his choice of words in some of his statements will backfire.

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