Kabali Movie HD Downlaod Online Review

Kabali Movie HD Downlaod Online Review

Kabali Movie HD Download Online Review: The Rajnikanth starter movie Kabali has been released in India. Tamil Nadu State announced a state holiday on the release.

People were standing in queue since 4 Am in the morning. Many people had to return without a ticket.

This is the first movie I have seen with just a 20 Second trailer on http://Bookmyshow.com. No marketing is needed for Super start Rajni`s movies. Having him in the movie assures success.

Lets talk about the story line. Movie starts with a discussion between Malaysian Govt talk weather to release Kabali(Rajnikanth) who is in Jail from 1991. Finally they announced to release him. Well Kabali is an educated gangster who was put behind prison. He was arrested due to a conspiracy of gang war between Chinese Mafia and India Drug Mafia.

He was just a common man whose grandparents were slaves in Malaysia and they used to work in estates of Englishmen. When Kabali got young he met Ram Prasad an Indian Patriot. Ram Prasad fought for the rights of the Indians in Malaysia.

But he was killed by his close friend after he shake hands with Chinese mafia.  Kabali took Ram Prasad`s Place and he started getting famous. He was against Drugs and Sex rackets. But the other gangs didn’t want him to be there. So with the help of Kabalis close friend(son of ram Prasad) they trapped him and sent him behind bars.

Now Kabali is out of jail and starts his trail to end the Gangs and drug mafia. To know more you should go and watch the movie yourself.

This movie also tells s about the hard work the Indians has put to bring green revolution in Malaysia. The movie is definitely a hit. But the pace of the movie is a bit slow. You may feel bore at soe points. Some scenes are very predictable. But having Rajnida makes hot smooth.

Radhika Apte has done a tremendous job as well. She has played the role of Kabali`s Wife. Most of her scenes are as a pregnant woman.

I hope you guys will enjoy this Gang war thriller.

Kabali Movie HD Downlaod Online Review


  • Rajinikanth as Kabaleeshwaran(Kabali)
  • Winston Chao as Tony Lee
  • Radhika Apte as Kumudhavalli
  • Dhansika as Yogi
  • Dinesh Ravi as Jeeva
  • Kishore as Nambiyar
  • Kalaiyarasan as Thamizh Kumaran
  • John Vijay as Ameer
  • Riythvika as Meena
  • Rosyam Nor
  • Mime Gopi as Loganathan
  • Nassar as Tamilnesan
  • Gajaraj as Marthandam
  • Charles Vinoth as Tamilmaaran
  • Uday Mahesh as Durai
  • Nandakumar as Anbu
  • Sampath Ram as Sampath
  • Sangili Murugan
  • Vittal Prasad
  • Johnny’ Hari as Tiger


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Kabali Movie HD Downlaod Online Review

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