Navjot Singh Sidhu Punjabs next CM

Navjot Singh Sidhu Punjabs next CM


Navjot Singh Sidhu Punjabs next CM :There are rumours after the resign of ex bjp star leader Navjot Singh Sidhu from rajya Sabha. He may be the next CM candidate for AAP punjab.

If AAP annouse him as the next CM candidate then the victory of AAP in 2017 elections is assured. The popularity of this celebrity ex cricketer is huge amongst the Punjabis. He has been a star campaigner for bjp and having him campaign for AAP will be a win-win situation.

The other parties like congress and SAD are both worried by his step. But the other AAP leaders who were in race of CM candidate will be worried. Bhagwant Mann MP of Sangrur area and Sucha Singh Chotepur are also in race of the same. But Sucha Singh is a former SAD leader and the Punjabis are not favoring him as much because of his former relations with SAD.

If a public opinion is taken Bhagwant Mann and Navjot Singh will be the top choices.

The situation of congress is not very good in Punjab. There are quarrels between the senior leadership since the last elections.

The seats distribution has been the reason for the loss of last elections for congress. The same trend seems to be going on this year as well. The winning chances of congress are very low in Punjab.

The major fight would be between SAD and AAP. The way SAD is promoting their works in newspapers, TV and theaters it seems like they still have huge hopes to rewin the elections and make a hat trick. But if Navjot Sidhu Bats for AAP from the front then this hitter wont let the SAD make a hat trick.

If AAP announces Navjot Sidhu as CM candidate and start the Campaign now then no one can stop AAP to win Punjab elections in 2017. It will be a very wise decision. But this cannot happen if the senior leadership of AAP wont do it jointly.

AAP is a party of aam people and they should go with the opinion of AAM people. If they don’t announce Sidhu as a CM candidate soon then we will see the hat trick of SAD.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Punajbs Next CM: Well the rumours are Navjot Singh sidhu will be Punjab’s next CM. The ruling party has dominated the media but this man is unstoppable as he has dominated the TV and Cricket industry from years.

Navjot Singh Sidhu will the next ideal candidate for Prime Minster elections from AAP as well. It is true people do like Kejriwal but the experience and popularity of Navjot Sidhu is more amongst India and the world.

The NRI’s are willing to spend huge amounts on the campaign of AAP if Sidhu goes for CM candidate from AAP.

But to Make it happen the election commission has to play fair and announce live results of the elections.

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