Top 10 criminals show Pm Modi

Top 10 criminals show pm modi

Top 10 criminals show pm Modi

Top 10 criminals show Pm modi: ¬†I just came across an article where a Delhi based lawyer has filed a criminal case against Google india to show India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra modi in image search results.

Well guys I am very disappointed why case is filed against google. Google has nothing to do with what shows in the results. It is a third-party website who has kept modi ji’s image in the meta description on that particular keyword. I wish someone could go and tech our respected lawyer how google search works.

There are thousands of words in image search where our Prime minister Narendra Modi ji’s image appears. Will they file criminal case against every website ?

You should go and look into the link what is written in the link. If there is any false information written on the website then sue the website owner not google. Defamation suite goes against the content publisher not the search engine.

Google has already apologized in a statement and also gave the same reason. Google does not make the content that shows in the search results and if you have any problem with the content you can request google to remove it via court order, or by simply contacting google. You may visit this link to request a removal as well.

So please stop making it an issue and please look into the issues that really need attention. India is facing a lot of issues like unemployment, corruption etc. Please file PIL for the issues that will benefit the nation.

Please put his name in the good things he is doing, add a meta description about the same and he will start showing in those results as well.

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