How Donald trump won the election 

How Donald trump won the election

The secret behind the win of donald trump lies in his mind. Yes…

Well if we compare the works of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has done much more work for in terms of social work. Where as Donald trump has just appeared in public work for the first time. 

Donald trump had more haters than Hillary’s supporters. Still he won the elections clean despite of everything. How?

Well, lets go back and see the achievements of both the leaders. Donald trump has a stuborn nature in terms of his goal achieving and he has achieved what ever he wanted in his business establishments. 

The simple reason is the mindset he has. If you have seen the secret movie, you will understand this concept. Donald trump has practised the law of attraction for years in his business that made him a successul businessman. 

He did not care what the people think about him after his many controvercial comments on many topics. But he visioned himself as a US president so well that unverse manifested his thought process. Whereas hillary lost on the vision perspective. Donald Trump had no ifs and buts about his win. He did not care what media says what polls say. He had decided in his mind that he is the winner and he won the election. 

So, the bottomlime is law of attraction works for everyone. He had no doubts about his actions and his every action was towards one goal and his energy was completely working to make visions of his presidentship in his mind. 

Out of both the leaders Donald trump had a practise of years of law of attraction and the result is in front of you.

So if you want something in life habe strong faith in yourself and have the vision to achieve it and the universe will grant it to you. 

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