UK brexit annousement outcomes.

A lot has been trending since the Brexit has been announsed. The UK prime minister is giving resign soon. On the other hand the scottish people want to seperate theor country from UK.

Well UK has never been a part of the european union. The first thing was the currency they never changed their currency that was used by the european union. They kept using their sterling pound when wrest of the european union cointries were using euro. Thats not it the even needed visa when other countries allowed schegan.

The whole UK stocks are blowing up and down and there is a state of uncertainity after the Brexit annousement. I am not sure if it would ever happe. But the annousement has made anough uncertainity among big business tycoons of the world and they have started taking causious decisions on investments in europe.

The google search has already shown that people of UK are already looking for migrating to other countires since the announcement.

Well weather Brexit happens or not but it is quite evident that a lot of people from UK are going to exit the country soon. Australia and US are the major spots which people are targeting. Other countries include Canada, Newzealand, Mauricious, South Africa and many more.

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