A Craigs List Internet Scam Artist

I posted an add on Craigs list for my cleaning services, I got a reply from the e-mail address elizasullivanego@gmx.com. It stated ” i would like you to clean my house and get $400 weekly and you will be cleaning 2 times a week and the cleaning materials will be provided for you..I will be paying you via cashiers check weekly. The house is located in your city and your duties are general cleaning of hallways(dusting, vacuuming and mopping)doors, windows,pick up trash in common areas,sweeping, carpet cleaning.” The e-mail goes on and I have it saved in my phone if it is needed. He or she then asks me for my my name, address,and phone number so they can mail the check out and a phone number to text the info to. The number is 704-268-9840. I then texted all that information to them, I have all the texts saved in my phone. He or she then sent a check from Dorrance Publishing Inc. 701 smithfield St. Pittsbergh, PA 15222. The person did this through USPS with a tracking number of 9405501699320004312775. The check was for $1950.00, I was to keep the $400 of my pay and send the rest to her painter via money gram. The name was Edwin Giron the city was Hercules the state was California and the zip code was 94547. I sent the money gram and left the $400 in my bank, I received an e-mail stating my account was in the negative by $1554.00. By further investigation with my bank we found that the check was an existing but inactive account. It was fraud. I have since recieved another check from the same company or person in the same amount. I have it and a copy of the first check saved. I now owe my bank $1550 and some odd dollars and I want justice. I have three and five year old daughters, I am on food stamps, I do not have the maens to pay this back.

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